MI40X – Cell Expansion Muscle Building Protocol

THE mi40x – Ben Pakulski program is most astute muscle-building exercises EVER structured has workouts sheets, prepared to print and take with you to the fitness center(gym) that has three levels of exercises. The exercise cause GROWTH that transforms your body in 6 short weeks to next dimension.

The highlights of   MI40 program consist of

  • The MI40 CEP Rapid Start Action Plan
  • CEP Practical Application Guide
  • Nutrition Guide
  • Supplement Guide
  • FAQ Guide
  • Workout Sheets
  • 7 Day Primer Phase
  • 7 Day Detox Diet
  • The Exercise Execution Guide
  • The CEP Training Blueprint
  • Access to MI40 CEP Training Video Library

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Ben Pakulski's  MI40 program

A Glance at the PHASES

During 7 days of primer phase, the training videos and execution guide, that give IDEAL planning to MI40-X you see part of GAINS in your body structure. The recordings are expectation to absorb information. You’ll be prepared to get straight down to business and before long making a mind-blowing GAINS!

This likewise has an additional guideline of 7 Day Detox Diet that discloses to you what to eat and when to eat it… in any case, the eating prescribed is explicitly intended to set up your body to MAXIMALLY utilize EVERY ounces of nourishment and supplementation you give it as you go through the MI40-X program!

7-Day Detox Diet! An ideal buddy to the Primer Phase! This eating routine is an incredible expansion to your nourishment stockpile far from the MI40-X program as well – you can utilize it for.

Exercise Execution Guide

Each body part, every activity, each are in get detail illuminated for you so there’s completely zero mystery required on your part.

You’ll generally know EXACTLY what to do, and accurately how to do it.

The Execution Guide is your activity book of scriptures for reproducing your body from make a beeline for toe utilizing super-basic, sound judgment,

Benefits of the program

Muscle that is made utilizing your BODY FAT for fuel

So, you get greater, bigger and more ripped at the same time

And, you do everything with a 4-minute CEP Training Protocol

More muscle and less fat in literally DAYS from now. Not months, DAYS!